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glutenfreevegan's Journal

Gluten free, vegan cooking
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Vegan foods, gluten free! We're a new community :-)

Gluten is found in wheat, rye, barley and their end products.
Vegan foods contain no animal ingredients.

  • Stay on topic - gluten free vegan cooking. Don't post recipes with gluten or animal ingredients, or suggest their use.
  • Cite the source when posting a published recipe.
  • Images should not exceed 500x500 pixels. Use the lj-cut tag for larger images, and for posts with more than one image.
  • Do NOT spam this community.
  • No drama. Be nice and considerate.
  • Sorry, but if your post violates one or more of these rules, it will be deleted.

    To talk about or ask questions regarding celiac or gluten intolerance conditions, visit celiac or search online for information about wheat allergy, celiac, or gluten intolerance.

    For information about veganism, vegan recipes, and tons of vegan links, see veganpeople & vegancooking and be sure to visit their community info pages. Or if you want to know "Why Vegan?" visit: http://www.veganoutreach.org/whyvegan/index.html

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